Employment Opportunities

To register with RMTI Recruiting for upcoming employment opportunities please email your resume (both resumes if applying as a couple) to rmtirecruiting@telus.net

RMTI Graduates, please visit the Job Link page for current opportunities available only to CRM/CBS Graduates.

Congratulations RMTI Grads!

My wife and I just wanted to give a big thank you to RMTI for helping us get an awesome new building position and give a really big thank you to Kelly Doyle, RMTI’s recruiting agent. Kelly really helped us through out the entire interview process with the building owner and landing us our new position as an Assistant Manager couple for a 150 suite rental building next to Stanley park with an awesome pay and benefits. Many buildings really want their new managers to have the RMTI course and this is why we took the RMTI course and the RMTI pool course 15 years ago as this has really helped us land awesome buildings through out our building managing career. We 100 percent recommend the RMTI course to anyone looking to have an exciting career as a resident building manager as the RMTI course will open many doors for you in this industry. Best Regards, Chris & Jackie Latval

For further information on how RMTI can assist you in training for a new career, update your skills or find a new position please click here - view course details