Job Opportunities

RMTI Graduates Needed

For the past 40 years, RMTI has been offering their training and job placement assistance program for individuals wanting to enter the Property Management industry to become building managers and building superintendents. Whether you are a man, woman, single, couple, middle aged, retired or semi-retired there is an opportunity for you in Property Management. By contacting us you have taken the first step to learn about an industry that has many job opportunities available! These jobs continue to increase as more and more new buildings are constructed. RMTI graduates are filling these jobs. Even people with experience in the industry are taking the RMTI building manager course in order to learn new skills, update their knowledge and move on to a better paying position or to secure a promotion within their company. Those already employed in the industry also know how widely recognized the RMTI certificates & designations are. Don't ever worry again about being laid off due to lack of work. As long as the building stands, it needs someone to operate/manage it! A computer cannot do what an RMTI trained graduate can.

Jobs Across Canada

Thousands of buildings throughout Canada are in need of RMTI trained graduates to become Building Managers/Building Superintendents. Combine the existing buildings with the hundreds of new buildings going up and you will realize the opportunities for you are endless and ongoing.

Over the past 40 years, RMTI has assisted hundreds of people, to start a new and very rewarding career through offering our building manager courses. The RMTI CRM/CBS certificates and designations are recognized by thousands of employers who need trained personnel. In fact, many employers will now only hire individuals who have their RMTI CRM/CBS certificate & designation.

We don't just train you - we assist you to find the right job. Many schools offer different types of training, you pay your course fees, you graduate and then you're on your own. RMTI is very different - we work with you throughout your job search.

Here's how we assist:

Job Link - Exclusively for RMTI CRM/CBS graduates. Once you receive your certificate and designation you will be given a confidential username and password that will give you access to our unique and very successful Job Link page. Employers place jobs here on a regular basis that are available to RMTI CRM/CBS graduates. Through the Job Link service you will have access to job opportunities available across Canada. You choose which positions you wish to apply to. Many of our graduates have found jobs through this free ongoing service.

Job Search Strategies

Our students receive a detailed chapter in their course textbook with valuable Employment Assistance Tips including, the Hidden Job Market, Cover Letter and Resume samples. We also cover how to get your foot in the door for an interview, the do's and don'ts of applying for a job and much more, available to RMTI CRM/CBS graduates. Many years of research have gone into the preparation of this invaluable and proven course material.

We provide ongoing Job Search support to our graduates throughout their career. This is a free service to our graduates!

Resume Preparation

Having seen thousands of resumes, we know what works. Don't short change yourself with a poor one. The number one reason people don't get the first and most important interview is because of an insufficient resume.

If you want to take the next step in obtaining a rewarding building manager job, we will provide you with unique information on preparing a professional resume and cover letter, designed specifically for this industry in order that you get the interview.

Hundreds of RMTI CRM/CBS graduates have used our resume templates over the years - and they work. This support is a free service for our graduates.

40 Years of Success

For more than 40 years many employers have come to rely on RMTI to provide them with trained individuals who have successfully graduated from our building manager courses. This trend continues today and is growing rapidly. Many of these same employers have sent us letters thanking RMTI for providing them with trained personnel, and also letting us know how well our RMTI graduates are doing. Visit our Employer Testimonials for your review.

We have also received many letters from our graduates now happily working in the industry. Visit our Graduate Testimonials to see what they are saying.

Wages & Benefits

What has changed over the past 40 plus years?

The old image of "ma and pa" running a building for free rent is in the past. Today owners, investors, condominium councils and management companies realize that millions of dollars are invested in their buildings, and therefore should have professionally trained building and condo managers operating them.

Remuneration is paid based on the number of suites in the building you are employed in and the scope of work required. On average, a single person can earn $4,500+ per month and a couple $7,500+ per month. In addition to these wages, many RMTI graduates receive excellent rent reductions; most commonly 50% off market rent is provided often including hydro, cable and a free parking stall - in some cases free rent is offered. Often a mobile phone is provided for work purposes as well as a mileage/gas allowance. Extended health insurance including medical, dental and vision care and pension benefits are also offered by some employers.

You can often earn extra income by providing additional services such as suite turnover, painting, cleaning suites as well as landscaping/gardening and additional maintenance and repairs above and beyond your daily scope of work.

There is no more working 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with no time off. Employment Standards has regulations that dictate you are entitled to time off and vacation pay just like any other industry.

RMTI is providing employers with the trained individuals they now insist on having, and has done so for more than 40 years. Those who are unwilling to acquire the training and skills are being replaced with RMTI graduates. This creates many opportunities for you.