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Upon graduation from our program and on becoming a Certified Resident Manager or Certified Building Superintendent, you will receive a personalized login that gives you access to a list of over 100+ jobs across Canada. This page is constantly being updated. If you are looking to move and want to continue being a CRM/CBS all you have to do is login and find your next opportunity at the RMTI Job Link page - this is an ongoing free service throughout your career!

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At RMTI we also offer employers a service whereby we recruit Property Management personnel on their behalf. As positions are registered with us they will be posted at Jobs Available/Employment Opportunities. Please feel free to apply to them if you have the required skills and experience. Please note, only those candidates that meet the job requirements will have their resumes submitted to the potential employer. The potential employer makes the final decision on who to interview and who to hire.

To register with RMTI Recruiting for upcoming employment opportunities, please email your resume (both resumes if applying as a couple) to

Visit the Employment Opportunities page today!