Mauro Conzatti, President, Amethhyst Holdings Ltd.

Amethyst Holdings Ltd. is a small family held management and development company with operations in British Columbia and Manitoba. Along with managing our own rental residential buildings we develop small to medium properties. We have had several occasions where we hired RMTI graduates with great success. In one instance, after gaining experience with us for 2 and one half years, a new graduate from RMTI went on to manage a large housing project in Romania. A second employee went from managing 2 small apartments in Vancouver to managing 244 suites in Winnipeg. We are pleased with our experience with your graduates and look forward to working with more qualified graduates from RMTI.

Marini Projects Management

Thank you for the follow up to our ad placement with you. The position has been filled and the successful candidate does hold your accreditation, it was one of our most important criteria. Thank you again for your service.

Scott Stroshin, Property Manager

Position filled. We found someone who was qualified thru the advertisement on your website. Wow, we greatly appreciate your assistance.

Dave Brown, Property Manager

I prefer to hire RMTI graduates without previous experience for our buildings as they come to the industry with a fresh outlook. The ones I have hired in the past have worked out well.

Scott Reid, Property Manager

Our industry is inundated with people who think they can run buildings who only see the superficial duties and do not understand most of the underlying factors which make for a good, well-run building. The RMTI course brings these underlying factors to the surface so that new people in the field are aware of what is expected of them. When hiring new people the RMTI certificate is given a positive consideration in the final analysis.

Ron J. Harvie, Property Manager

We consider that any prospective managers who have taken this course have a greater asset to offer their employer. As a Property Manager for 20 years, I highly recommend this course.

Aldo Gazzola, Apartment Building Owner

This letter will serve to confirm that I have hired a number of managers from the RMTI course. All of them have worked out very well and have obviously been well trained by RMTI.

Kathy McLeod, Property Manager

This acknowledges our awareness and the necessity of the RMTI course you offer. As the owner of residential apartments, we are continually in need of personnel. In fact, we have people working for us who, when hired, were without experience but had taken your course.

Laura Yates, Apartment Building Owner

I have been an owner, property manager for 22 years. During this period of time, the most successful people I have employed have had your training. I recognize the RMTI course as a good tool for entering the industry and will definitely use RMTI to hire in the future.