Olajide Theophilus

I am excited to inform you that I just got a job as Resident Manager. I believe God used my training and certification acquired from RMTI was predominant to my success. I want to say a big thank you. I am referring my other friends already about the course. I am happy to have studied at RMTI.

Chris & Jackie Latval

My wife and I just wanted to give a big thank you to RMTI for helping us get an awesome new building position and give a really big thank you to Kelly Doyle, RMTI’s recruiting agent. Kelly really helped us through out the entire interview process with the building owner and landing us our new position as an Assistant Manager couple for a 150 suite rental building next to Stanley park with an awesome pay and benefits. Many buildings really want their new managers to have the RMTI course and this is why we took the RMTI course and the RMTI pool course 15 years ago as this has really helped us land awesome buildings through out our building managing career. We 100 percent recommend the RMTI course to anyone looking to have an exciting career as a resident building manager as the RMTI course will open many doors for you in this industry.

Kelly Maple

For me your course materials were extremely helpful as I have been working as a Resident Manager while completing the course. I especially found the General Complex Care valuable, it gave us the answers to all our questions about how to take care of our building. That being said, every chapter in the manual is full of relevant, accurate, helpful information that you would only otherwise gain through YEARS of experience so I thank you!

Deborah, CRM Grad

Thank you Kelly, I could not have found a better fit and I am thrilled that the time has come for me to be hired on as a caretaker. I’m sure the RMTI course that I completed had a significant hand in me acquiring this employment.

Myda Hilaga

I took RMTI online course and I got the job in West Vancouver of Assistant Building Manager of 185 unit apartment. I worked in Prospero International Realty management. It was amazing. I do love the job! Flexibility and more time to my son!!

Mike & Ann Robichaud

My wife Ann and I have landed a position as Building Superintendent Couple. We are starting on November 1st and the building in Guelph, Ontario has 101 units. Thanks for the support and appreciated your advice.

Y. Su

I have been working for the past NINE years as a Resident Manager. The course has been a vital resource and has provided me with practical skills. It continues to play a significant role in my ongoing development and experience. I would highly recommend RMTI to fellow managers and anyone considering a career in this field.

Fred & Joanne Alexander

Joanne and I both graduated from the CRM, and I also graduated from the CSPO course(s). About 3 months we were hired as a manager couple to the management team. A few years later we delved into the Independent Retirement Living business in Alberta and later on managed the new student residences at The U of S in Saskatoon. If you are looking at becoming involved in building / property management we strongly recommend taking the course(s) RMTI offers. Our first job (at Langara Gardens in Vancouver) was a direct result of being graduates and being able to access the job postings on the RMTI site. The course(s) are definitely a solid investment in your future employment plans, and the net result to our being hired in various positions in residential building management.

Mario Menta

Hi this is Mario Menta I am sending this email to let you know how your course has helped me to acquire this job. If it wasn’t for the course that I did from your school I don’t think I would have got the job. It was very helpful to me with all the knowledge from my past construction history. I think that it was the catalyst that put it all together for me to get this job.