Mike Leitao

It has been my pleasure taking the RMTI course and although I thought I knew a lot about building management I know now that I didn’t. The course was particularly useful in that it taught me residency laws and how to administrate a program effectively and efficiently. I believe the tools you have given me will give me the ability to do a good job in the future .The text book will also be a valuable reference and will help me establish “best practice” in my future career. I thank you for the opportunity to become a great Building manager and wish you the best in all your endeavors.

Nina Nixon, President, LMDB Society

Good morning, It has been a few years and we’ve had success with applicants on your site in the past. I would like to post my ad for a building manager at our seniors complex again. Thank you.

Chris Scholz

To RMTI, since taking the CRM – Certified Resident Manager course about 9 years ago or so I have been working in the industry. I would like to get the username and password for the job search board. Regards

Alan K

I appreciate your 40 + years in providing retraining and providing accessible jobs to 100’s of people.

Christopher C

I found the course was laid out in logical order, easy to follow and the course text will be an excellent resource for me in my work. I have had some experience in the industry and was able to finish the course more quickly than the timeframe they mention.

This course has been on my radar for a couple of years. I now wish I had taken it sooner than I did, but am glad I finally took the plunge. Based on my experience I would be interested in taking the swimming pool operators course to further add to my knowledge and give myself even more of a competitive edge in the industry.

Thanks for a great course and for the great customer service I’ve received when I’ve asked questions inquiring about the course and for always answering in a timely manner.

Christopher C. Vancouver, BC April/30/2023

Darren Testart

Hello RMTI, this is Darren Testart a former graduate from your resident Management course and I’m writing to you guys to update you on my success after finishing your course.

I currently live in the Okanagan and at the moment My Building Management company cares for nearly $100,000,000 worth of real estate in the area. I’ve never had to advertise or market my company and I’ve had a full book of business ever since my first 6 months of operation.

Thanks for your time and your course… the RMTI manual is a great reference tool when learning about maintenance for different problems that arise.

Robert Miller

“I was a Realtor for many years in British Columbia and I thought I knew a lot. I was researching to be a resident building manager for my next career. I figured that with all that experience and knowledge from being a Realtor, it would be a great new career. I enrolled in RMTI’s Certified Resident Managers course and once I got into the information… WOW! What I thought I knew, I actually knew nothing. The information I was learning blew me away. The course has tons of very valuable information to be trained as a Certified Resident Manager. I highly recommend RMTI. Thank you RMTI for all that valuable information and insights. Update June/27/2023 – Now secured a job as a Condominium Manager!

Rosetta Toneguzzo, Apartment Building Owner

Thank you again. I have hired Maya due to the Resident Manager’s course she has completed. Please
remove the employment ad from your website. It was greatly appreciated.

Don Harris

When I was younger, I was transitioning to be a building manager, and with the help of RMTI resident managers course it open some doors for me and definitely help me in the process of securing a resident managers position and from there I’ve excelled during the years and recently took the pool operators certificate course and passed so RMTI has been extremely helpful in my life excellent.

Matthew Cox

I would also like to let you know that I have found RMTI an extremely useful resource to have in my toolbox. I have been employed in the property management field for 30 years and I know that having the designation of “Certified Resident Manager” has definitely been an asset to my career. Without out it I would have had a more challenging time finding and retaining work.
Warm regards,