Brad Nelson

Since obtaining my certificate from the RMTI course in 2018, it has opened MANY doors for me in my chosen career. From the GVRD to the Okanagan to Vancouver Island, employers have been very happy to see RMTI on my resume. I’ve recommended the course to others who are seeking the same sort of career path, and most other managers I’ve met have had the same training. If someone was looking at a career in residential building management, the first advice I would give them would be to take the course!

Edward B. Cruz

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the CSPO – Certified swimming pool operator online course. This commitment to pursue online education has made a significant impact on my experience as a building manager, management success and the company morale. CSPO details gives an expertise, work ethic, creativity and has been truly inspiring, and I felt it was important to acknowledge your efforts. Thank you once again for this course. I highly recommended to others. Please know that your hardwork and dedication do not go unnoticed and are greatly appreciated.

Kateryna Zubarieva

Just finished my final exam. Thank you for such an interesting course. It’s been my pleasure to study. Book is perfect, lots of useful information with all the details, easy to understand. Tomorrow will be my first working day on a position. If you need me to send you any official documents from my employer I will be glad to send them to you as soon as possible, just let me know what exactly should it be. Can’t wait to get my certificate. Thank you.

Mike Fehr

The RMTI certification helped me in many ways , most of all in the areas of administration and project coordination. Because of the knowledge I had gained from the RMTI course I felt equipped to move to another job as a project coordinator with in the health care system. Then an opportunity came up and I was a facility manager of a multinational company, responsible for a 300 thousand square feet facility.

Your course gave me an overview of the skills sets necessary to perform and equipped me to grow as a professional, I had recommend the course to a few people because it is a great start to a potential career.

Ryan Young

My name is Ryan Young, Senior Property Manager at Whitetail Homes and I am in need of a new Building Manager. Last time I needed to hire a Building Manager I went through RMTI and it turned out amazingly. The students that come from your institution are quality and that is something I will always come back to when in need. So, Thank You!

Mike Leitao

It has been my pleasure taking the RMTI course and although I thought I knew a lot about building management I know now that I didn’t. The course was particularly useful in that it taught me residency laws and how to administrate a program effectively and efficiently. I believe the tools you have given me will give me the ability to do a good job in the future .The text book will also be a valuable reference and will help me establish “best practice” in my future career. I thank you for the opportunity to become a great Building manager and wish you the best in all your endeavors.

Nina Nixon, President, LMDB Society

Good morning, It has been a few years and we’ve had success with applicants on your site in the past. I would like to post my ad for a building manager at our seniors complex again. Thank you.

Chris Scholz

To RMTI, since taking the CRM – Certified Resident Manager course about 9 years ago or so I have been working in the industry. I would like to get the username and password for the job search board. Regards

Alan K

I appreciate your 40 + years in providing retraining and providing accessible jobs to 100’s of people.

Christopher C

I found the course was laid out in logical order, easy to follow and the course text will be an excellent resource for me in my work. I have had some experience in the industry and was able to finish the course more quickly than the timeframe they mention.

This course has been on my radar for a couple of years. I now wish I had taken it sooner than I did, but am glad I finally took the plunge. Based on my experience I would be interested in taking the swimming pool operators course to further add to my knowledge and give myself even more of a competitive edge in the industry.

Thanks for a great course and for the great customer service I’ve received when I’ve asked questions inquiring about the course and for always answering in a timely manner.

Christopher C. Vancouver, BC April/30/2023