Janice M. Nielsen, Vocational Counsellor

Certified Resident Manager Training from RMTI is training I refer my clients to that are interested in becoming residential building managers/caretakers. From a career counselling perspective this training is accessible to all types of learning styles. The study manual, chronological study questions and multiple choice exams all support achieving success. The course content is well laid out, comprehensive, and contains up-to-date information relevant to working as a CRM. The course work can be completed online so the learner can work at his or her own pace. There is no costly travel or accommodations required for students. The training institute offers immediate support via telephone and email to students. There is valuable follow up for the student that includes resume support, job search strategies and valuable industry networks. Most importantly, the certification is industry recognized and valued by employers (my client was employed right after finishing the training!)


Janice M. Nielsen, Vocational Counsellor, RRP, CCDP

INEO Employment Services, Port Alberni, BC Canada