Jason T, CRM Graduate

“I completed the RMTI course back in December 2001 and quickly secured a position in a tower at Broughton & Robson through your organization.

I have continued to acquire extensive experience in building management, maintenance consulting, general contracting, operations management and all of their respective sub-skills including strong ability in all the trades, relevant administrative competencies, and superior customer relations.

I created a successful business in 2013 that provided maintenance, janitorial and contracting services to a large number of strata and rental properties in Vancouver and the North Shore. This has been extremely rewarding for me”.

Warm regards, Jason T

Rod Fram, RI, CPM, CCIM, MRICS – President, Transpacific Realty Advisors

Transpacific is a 3rd party property management company that manages several multi family apartment buildings. We have been using RMTI for over 30 years. It has become increasingly difficult to find dedicated and qualified staff who you can rely on to perform at the level our clients and tenants expect. We have found that RMTI provides the training for building managers to give them a head start in the industry and we have been successful in hiring graduates from their program.

Even if you have qualified building managers on board, it would be well worthwhile considering enrolling them in RMTIs course as this will raise the bar in terms of professionalism and knowledge within your company.

Ricardo Sevallo, CRM & CSPO Graduate

Hello Kelly! it was great doing the CRM and CSPO courses with RMTI, I have been applying for some interesting jobs in your job link page and with pleasure I must announce that I landed a job as a Mobile Building Manager Coordinator. I must express my gratitude to you and all the supporting staff for a job well done!

Ngong Daniel Kur, CRM Graduate

It was an extremely informative course. It will save my family and my future employers millions of dollars. The quality of information in this course was astonishing. I wish I had done it six years ago when I started working as an assistant building manager in one of Strata properties. The course gave me a big picture understanding of everything I was doing and the quality details I didn’t have. Thank you for offering this course.

Jackie Burrows, CRM Graduate

I took the RMTI course back in 2016. I found the course very interesting and easy to follow. The training manual I still use to this day for reference for certain situations that arise. During the time I was completing my course I was an Assistant Manager with no experience but as I started to learn more about building management from the course, I was given more responsibility and had hands on experience. This was so valuable and enabled me to secure my first building manager position. It’s taken 4 years to work my way up to securing the perfect building in the West End. Thanks to Kelly Doyle who has supported me through this process. It is a great training program and I would recommend it to anyone wishing to work in this industry.

Tracy Kroeker, CRM Graduate

I took the RMTI course last August and when I was ready to start job hunting in the Property Management arena, Kelly went above and beyond!! I told Kelly what I wanted to do, and Kelly led me straight to my DREAM JOB!! I was always curious what it would be like to LOVE my job! I am now working at Royal LePage Brookside Realty Property Management as an Unlicensed Assistant , and I LOVE IT!

Laura Forman, CRM Graduate

Thank you for the opportunity to take your course, it has given me a new direction in life and I am excited to see where this is going to take me. I really enjoyed the course more than I thought I would and it was fun. I learned a lot of valuable information.

Jill McBeath, CRM Graduate

I really learned a lot on this course and I am so glad that I took it. There was a lot of information to absorb and I have already starting to apply the information that I have learned. Thank you for this great course.

David Michel, CRM Graduate

I am a former student of RMTI and CRM graduate, I wanted to share my success story in real estate property management because of RMTI. In 2007 while still living in Canada, I graduated from RMTI with my CRM Certification and then successfully secured a position as an Assistant Building Manager. Later I moved on to a new position as a full time Building Manager and I am now working in the Bahamas in a commercial property management position. I am pleased to say that I am now in the process of purchasing an American property management franchise company. Thank you to RMTI which was the integral beginning to my successful career in the real estate property management industry.

Dumitru Bivol, CRM Graduate

I want to thank you for this course. It is an interesting course, very well structured so we have the opportunity to study and work at the same time. I will recommend R.M.T.I. Institute to all my friends. Thank you very much.