Testimonials from Graduates

    • Brad Nelson

      Brad Nelson

      Since obtaining my certificate from the RMTI course in 2018, it has opened MANY doors for me in my chosen career. From the GVRD to the Okanagan to Vancouver Island, employers have been very happy to see RMTI on my resume. I’ve recommended the course to others who are seeking the same sort of career path, and most other managers I’ve met have had the same training. If someone was looking at a career in residential building management, the first advice I would give them would be to take the course!
    • Edward B. Cruz

      Edward B. Cruz

      I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the CSPO – Certified swimming pool operator online course. This commitment to pursue online education has made a significant impact on my experience as a building manager, management success and the company morale. CSPO details gives an expertise, work ethic, creativity and has been truly inspiring, and I felt it was important to acknowledge your efforts. Thank you once again for this course. I highly recommended to others. Please know that your hardwork and dedication do not go unnoticed and are greatly appreciated.
    • Kateryna Zubarieva

      Kateryna Zubarieva

      Just finished my final exam. Thank you for such an interesting course. It’s been my pleasure to study. Book is perfect, lots of useful information with all the details, easy to understand. Tomorrow will be my first working day on a position. If you need me to send you any official documents from my employer I will be glad to send them to you as soon as possible, just let me know what exactly should it be. Can’t wait to get my certificate. Thank you.
    • Mike Fehr

      Mike Fehr

      The RMTI certification helped me in many ways , most of all in the areas of administration and project coordination. Because of the knowledge I had gained from the RMTI course I felt equipped to move to another job as a project coordinator with in the health care system. Then an opportunity came up and I was a facility manager of a multinational company, responsible for a 300 thousand square feet facility. Your course gave me an overview of the skills sets necessary to perform and equipped me to grow as a professional, I had recommend the course to a few people because it is a great start to a potential career.
    • Mike Leitao

      Mike Leitao

      It has been my pleasure taking the RMTI course and although I thought I knew a lot about building management I know now that I didn’t. The course was particularly useful in that it taught me residency laws and how to administrate a program effectively and efficiently. I believe the tools you have given me will give me the ability to do a good job in the future .The text book will also be a valuable reference and will help me establish “best practice” in my future career. I thank you for the opportunity to become a great Building manager and wish you the best in all your endeavors.
    • Chris Scholz

      Chris Scholz

      To RMTI, since taking the CRM – Certified Resident Manager course about 9 years ago or so I have been working in the industry. I would like to get the username and password for the job search board. Regards
    • Christopher C

      Christopher C

      I found the course was laid out in logical order, easy to follow and the course text will be an excellent resource for me in my work. I have had some experience in the industry and was able to finish the course more quickly than the timeframe they mention. This course has been on my radar for a couple of years. I now wish I had taken it sooner than I did, but am glad I finally took the plunge. Based on my experience I would be interested in taking the swimming pool operators course to further add to my knowledge and give myself even more of a competitive edge in the industry. Thanks for a great course and for the great customer service I’ve received when I’ve asked questions inquiring about the course and for always answering in a timely manner. Christopher C. Vancouver, BC April/30/2023
    • Darren Testart

      Darren Testart

      Hello RMTI, this is Darren Testart a former graduate from your resident Management course and I’m writing to you guys to update you on my success after finishing your course. I currently live in the Okanagan and at the moment My Building Management company cares for nearly $100,000,000 worth of real estate in the area. I’ve never had to advertise or market my company and I’ve had a full book of business ever since my first 6 months of operation. Thanks for your time and your course… the RMTI manual is a great reference tool when learning about maintenance for different problems that arise.
    • Robert Miller

      Robert Miller

      “I was a Realtor for many years in British Columbia and I thought I knew a lot. I was researching to be a resident building manager for my next career. I figured that with all that experience and knowledge from being a Realtor, it would be a great new career. I enrolled in RMTI’s Certified Resident Managers course and once I got into the information… WOW! What I thought I knew, I actually knew nothing. The information I was learning blew me away. The course has tons of very valuable information to be trained as a Certified Resident Manager. I highly recommend RMTI. Thank you RMTI for all that valuable information and insights. Update June/27/2023 – Now secured a job as a Condominium Manager!
    • Don Harris

      Don Harris

      When I was younger, I was transitioning to be a building manager, and with the help of RMTI resident managers course it open some doors for me and definitely help me in the process of securing a resident managers position and from there I’ve excelled during the years and recently took the pool operators certificate course and passed so RMTI has been extremely helpful in my life excellent.
    • Matthew Cox

      Matthew Cox

      I would also like to let you know that I have found RMTI an extremely useful resource to have in my toolbox. I have been employed in the property management field for 30 years and I know that having the designation of “Certified Resident Manager” has definitely been an asset to my career. Without out it I would have had a more challenging time finding and retaining work. Warm regards,
    • Trevor Beckman

      Trevor Beckman

      I have already secured a position as a building manager thanks to taking the R.M.T.I. course. Thank you.
    • John Carl Eterosa

      John Carl Eterosa

      Thanks for all the help with the RMTI course! Wanted to give you an update that I am now hired at my dad’s company as his assistant manager for 6 months, then fully taking on his role as head manager!
    • James Faulkner

      James Faulkner

      After completing the course with you I have landed a job in North Van as a Resident Manager so thank you very much and hope all my skills and learning through your course,
    • Aleksandra Damjanovic

      Aleksandra Damjanovic

      RMTI really helped me to get a job. I took the RMTI course back in 2011 and I have been working as a building manager from 2011 to 2023.
    • Jason T, CRM Graduate

      Jason T, CRM Graduate

      “I completed the RMTI course back in December 2001 and quickly secured a position in a tower at Broughton & Robson through your organization. I have continued to acquire extensive experience in building management, maintenance consulting, general contracting, operations management and all of their respective sub-skills including strong ability in all the trades, relevant administrative competencies, and superior customer relations. I created a successful business in 2013 that provided maintenance, janitorial and contracting services to a large number of strata and rental properties in Vancouver and the North Shore. This has been extremely rewarding for me”. Warm regards, Jason T
    • Ricardo Sevallo, CRM & CSPO Graduate

      Ricardo Sevallo, CRM & CSPO Graduate

      Hello Kelly! it was great doing the CRM and CSPO courses with RMTI, I have been applying for some interesting jobs in your job link page and with pleasure I must announce that I landed a job as a Mobile Building Manager Coordinator. I must express my gratitude to you and all the supporting staff for a job well done!
    • Ngong Daniel Kur, CRM Graduate

      Ngong Daniel Kur, CRM Graduate

      It was an extremely informative course. It will save my family and my future employers millions of dollars. The quality of information in this course was astonishing. I wish I had done it six years ago when I started working as an assistant building manager in one of Strata properties. The course gave me a big picture understanding of everything I was doing and the quality details I didn’t have. Thank you for offering this course.
    • Jackie Burrows, CRM Graduate

      Jackie Burrows, CRM Graduate

      I took the RMTI course back in 2016. I found the course very interesting and easy to follow. The training manual I still use to this day for reference for certain situations that arise. During the time I was completing my course I was an Assistant Manager with no experience but as I started to learn more about building management from the course, I was given more responsibility and had hands on experience. This was so valuable and enabled me to secure my first building manager position. It’s taken 4 years to work my way up to securing the perfect building in the West End. Thanks to Kelly Doyle who has supported me through this process. It is a great training program and I would recommend it to anyone wishing to work in this industry.
    • Tracy Kroeker, CRM Graduate

      Tracy Kroeker, CRM Graduate

      I took the RMTI course last August and when I was ready to start job hunting in the Property Management arena, Kelly went above and beyond!! I told Kelly what I wanted to do, and Kelly led me straight to my DREAM JOB!! I was always curious what it would be like to LOVE my job! I am now working at Royal LePage Brookside Realty Property Management as an Unlicensed Assistant , and I LOVE IT!
    • Laura Forman, CRM Graduate

      Laura Forman, CRM Graduate

      Thank you for the opportunity to take your course, it has given me a new direction in life and I am excited to see where this is going to take me. I really enjoyed the course more than I thought I would and it was fun. I learned a lot of valuable information.
    • Jill McBeath, CRM Graduate

      Jill McBeath, CRM Graduate

      I really learned a lot on this course and I am so glad that I took it. There was a lot of information to absorb and I have already starting to apply the information that I have learned. Thank you for this great course.
    • David Michel, CRM Graduate

      David Michel, CRM Graduate

      I am a former student of RMTI and CRM graduate, I wanted to share my success story in real estate property management because of RMTI. In 2007 while still living in Canada, I graduated from RMTI with my CRM Certification and then successfully secured a position as an Assistant Building Manager. Later I moved on to a new position as a full time Building Manager and I am now working in the Bahamas in a commercial property management position. I am pleased to say that I am now in the process of purchasing an American property management franchise company. Thank you to RMTI which was the integral beginning to my successful career in the real estate property management industry.
    • Dumitru Bivol, CRM Graduate

      Dumitru Bivol, CRM Graduate

      I want to thank you for this course. It is an interesting course, very well structured so we have the opportunity to study and work at the same time. I will recommend R.M.T.I. Institute to all my friends. Thank you very much.
    • Fred Edrissi, CRM Graduate

      Fred Edrissi, CRM Graduate

      I found the course to be very educational and detailed and recommend it to anybody who is looking for this career path. The course helps you to understand the occupation of a Resident Manager and what is involved with it.
    • Mark Mills

      Mark Mills

      Hi, its Mark just a short note to let you know how much I enjoy taking this RMTI course. Well organised, easy to follow and the course is full of vital information, I could not have asked for more. It’s ideal for my career I want to pursue to property management and possibly my own company one day. My next goal is to get certificate for CSPO that will give me a great opportunity with employers.
    • Shane Taylor – CSPO Graduate

      Shane Taylor – CSPO Graduate

      I thought the CSPO – Certified Swimming Pool Operator course was a great teaching mechanism. I learned a lot of great information on chemicals and pH, opening and closing pools. I’m looking forward to putting all I learned to use, I cant wait to open my pool. Thank You so much.
    • Al Toews

      Al Toews

      By all means, use this testimonial to indicate how beneficial, may I say necessary, this RMTI course is. A career in office & personnel management only prepared me insofar as to how I personally relate to people. Not a stitch beyond that. That is why the RMTI course was/is so valuable. A student is able to gain insight into the workings of the RTB & the Act, not to mention just regular legal requirements/demands of the position. Something you don’t find just on any web site (nor YouTube!). All interviewers were happy that I had taken the course & therefore found their position vacancies on the extended RMTI web site. (Me too!). These openings were located from downtown Vancouver all the way out to Chilliwack. In short, thank you. I’ve definitely started a new chapter in this book of life. Impossible without RMTI.
    • Joanna Zurbito

      Joanna Zurbito

      Thank you so much. It was a great experience doing the course and you have your own time to do it. The course material is definitely a huge help. Kelly is amazing and very helpful.
    • Paul Heron

      Paul Heron

      I began my journey in building management almost 10 years ago. RMTI posted an ad in the local paper that spoke to me. I was at a crossroads in my career at the time and needed a change. I immediately envisioned myself doing well in this industry and decided to take the RMTI certified course. Two months after graduating I landed my first job. During my initial telephone interview, my future boss had mentioned “I stood out among applicants due to having been certified with RMTI and set-up a meeting the following day”. Fast forward almost 10 years, and I’m still loving this very challenging diverse business. Highly recommend this course, some of the largest companies across Canada recognize the RMTI – Residents Managers Training Institute, it will give you a clear advantage and put you directly on top of the resume pile. Good luck!
    • Randall S. Rintoul, Hamilton, Ontario

      Randall S. Rintoul, Hamilton, Ontario

      I have been employed by a number of apartment buildings after completing both your courses. The training you provided has helped greatly and I would highly recommend the courses for anyone contemplating a career in the field.
    • Jackie Fredsberg

      Jackie Fredsberg

      I really thought the whole process was well organized and easy to follow. I really appreciated the help I received. The course is full of information I know I will use on a regular basis. I learned so much. I could not have asked for more, thank you!
    • Olajide Theophilus

      Olajide Theophilus

      I am excited to inform you that I just got a job as Resident Manager. I believe God used my training and certification acquired from RMTI was predominant to my success. I want to say a big thank you. I am referring my other friends already about the course. I am happy to have studied at RMTI.
    • Chris & Jackie Latval

      Chris & Jackie Latval

      My wife and I just wanted to give a big thank you to RMTI for helping us get an awesome new building position and give a really big thank you to Kelly Doyle, RMTI’s recruiting agent. Kelly really helped us through out the entire interview process with the building owner and landing us our new position as an Assistant Manager couple for a 150 suite rental building next to Stanley park with an awesome pay and benefits. Many buildings really want their new managers to have the RMTI course and this is why we took the RMTI course and the RMTI pool course 15 years ago as this has really helped us land awesome buildings through out our building managing career. We 100 percent recommend the RMTI course to anyone looking to have an exciting career as a resident building manager as the RMTI course will open many doors for you in this industry.
    • Kelly Maple

      Kelly Maple

      For me your course materials were extremely helpful as I have been working as a Resident Manager while completing the course. I especially found the General Complex Care valuable, it gave us the answers to all our questions about how to take care of our building. That being said, every chapter in the manual is full of relevant, accurate, helpful information that you would only otherwise gain through YEARS of experience so I thank you!
    • Albert Langbid, CPM® Director, Property Management, Real Property Management Signature

      Albert Langbid, CPM® Director, Property Management, Real Property Management Signature

      First of all, I just want to say thank you so much, you may not remember me but I started my journey to property management at RMTI back in July 2009. I have worked as Resident Building Manager for 2 years and over 7 years as Property Manager. Please be advised that I have started my own rental property management company.
    • Deborah, CRM Grad

      Deborah, CRM Grad

      Thank you Kelly, I could not have found a better fit and I am thrilled that the time has come for me to be hired on as a caretaker. I’m sure the RMTI course that I completed had a significant hand in me acquiring this employment.
    • Myda Hilaga

      Myda Hilaga

      I took RMTI online course and I got the job in West Vancouver of Assistant Building Manager of 185 unit apartment. I worked in Prospero International Realty management. It was amazing. I do love the job! Flexibility and more time to my son!!
    • Mike & Ann Robichaud

      Mike & Ann Robichaud

      My wife Ann and I have landed a position as Building Superintendent Couple. We are starting on November 1st and the building in Guelph, Ontario has 101 units. Thanks for the support and appreciated your advice.
    • Y. Su

      Y. Su

      I have been working for the past NINE years as a Resident Manager. The course has been a vital resource and has provided me with practical skills. It continues to play a significant role in my ongoing development and experience. I would highly recommend RMTI to fellow managers and anyone considering a career in this field.
    • Fred & Joanne Alexander

      Fred & Joanne Alexander

      Joanne and I both graduated from the CRM, and I also graduated from the CSPO course(s). About 3 months we were hired as a manager couple to the management team. A few years later we delved into the Independent Retirement Living business in Alberta and later on managed the new student residences at The U of S in Saskatoon. If you are looking at becoming involved in building / property management we strongly recommend taking the course(s) RMTI offers. Our first job (at Langara Gardens in Vancouver) was a direct result of being graduates and being able to access the job postings on the RMTI site. The course(s) are definitely a solid investment in your future employment plans, and the net result to our being hired in various positions in residential building management.
    • Mario Menta

      Mario Menta

      Hi this is Mario Menta I am sending this email to let you know how your course has helped me to acquire this job. If it wasn’t for the course that I did from your school I don’t think I would have got the job. It was very helpful to me with all the knowledge from my past construction history. I think that it was the catalyst that put it all together for me to get this job.
    • Janice M. Nielsen, Vocational Counsellor

      Janice M. Nielsen, Vocational Counsellor

      Certified Resident Manager Training from RMTI is training I refer my clients to that are interested in becoming residential building managers/caretakers. From a career counselling perspective this training is accessible to all types of learning styles. The study manual, chronological study questions and multiple choice exams all support achieving success. The course content is well laid out, comprehensive, and contains up-to-date information relevant to working as a CRM. The course work can be completed online so the learner can work at his or her own pace. There is no costly travel or accommodations required for students. The training institute offers immediate support via telephone and email to students. There is valuable follow up for the student that includes resume support, job search strategies and valuable industry networks. Most importantly, the certification is industry recognized and valued by employers (my client was employed right after finishing the training!)   Janice M. Nielsen, Vocational Counsellor, RRP, CCDP INEO Employment Services, Port Alberni, BC Canada
    • Maya Sljivo

      Maya Sljivo

      First of all thank you. RMTI has helped me put my foot into the world of property management 10 years ago and it continues. Because I graduated from RMTI course I had opportunities to work for government owned buildings and houses as well as privately owned. And now I am going to work for the best North Vancouver has to offer.
    • David and Margaret Horvath

      David and Margaret Horvath

      It was an excellent course. We used the Job Link connection on the RMTI site exclusively and went through the postings regularly. There were a number of opportunities but it was important that the fit be right. Our present employer asked when we’d completed the course so it was obviously important to him that we’d taken the RMTI course. My wife and I are managing a complex in the Marpole area of Vancouver. It was exactly the size of project and the location we were looking for.
    • Peter Hilborne & Patricia (Vinoly) Webb

      Peter Hilborne & Patricia (Vinoly) Webb

      We both wanted to say thank you for such a great course. Before we finished the course we went to three interviews and were offered all three positions. The course gave us the confidence to wait for the right proposal and how to identify the right fit. The Strata Council & the Property Management company were so excited that we chose them. We are now living our dream by the ocean in Port Moody at a condominium building with 150 units. We have a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment with a huge patio, 5 appliances in a beautifully appointed Polygon building. We are steps from the ocean in an idyllic and interesting mix of urban and rural setting with tons of parks, lakes and trails. Our job allows us to stay out of the daily commute, we get lots of time to work on writing and painting as we are both artists and writers. The pay is excellent and we can finally afford to get married!
    • Nancy Nicholls

      Nancy Nicholls

      Just shortly after graduating from RMTI, I was able to secure a fabulous position with Maple Leaf Self Storage, as Store Manager/Resident Manager. I also was lucky that this included a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, suite which includes 5 appliances and is brand new. When I first did my research on your company to take the Certified Residential Mangers Course, I was diligent in ensuring that my money was going to a reputable company and that I would get the training that I knew I needed to get a good job. Not only did I get my money’s worth, I got much more than that. The course is recognized, and I know that it helped me to secure my position.
    • Alex Yuen

      Alex Yuen

      We started the RMTI course in September and have finished it as well as the Swimming Pool course. From September to December we already had six interviews for jobs from buildings ranging from 60 suites to 250 suites. The companies were very impressed with our qualifications and we got three job offers. Finally we choose a 194 suite building. We would like to thank you for providing us with this opportunity.
    • Arturo Neyra & Nila Nesterenko

      Arturo Neyra & Nila Nesterenko

      We took the RMTI and CSPO courses and are thankful we did. We got a job managing a 216 suite high rise. Anyone who wishes to do this type of work should take this course.
    • Pamela & John Simpson

      Pamela & John Simpson

      My husband, John, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and for all your assistance during and after the completion of the RMTI course. We found it to be a very informative and in depth source of information, so much so that the manual is now a permanent fixture in our new office. We recently commenced our new position in a large senior’s complex. The building is a 15 – storey structure with 188 suites. There is a lot of hustle and bustle around here as we have many activities for our tenants but we love every minute of our new career. The certificate program is invaluable to anyone desiring to enter into this line of employment and we would highly recommend your program and Institute to anyone wishing to do so. Once again, thank you for all your assistance and support. It was greatly appreciated.
    • Sheila and Wayne Coulbourn

      Sheila and Wayne Coulbourn

      Wayne and I graduated from RMTI and have been employed in the same building for the ten years. During that time we have continued on with education relevant to the industry. With the ever changing tenancy issues, health and safety standards, updated fire code and earthquake preparedness, education must be a ongoing part of our responsibilities as managers. The RMTI course is the best way to learn about the industry and it’s affordable!
    • Brenda Oram

      Brenda Oram

      I applied for a job in January and I told the company I was taking the RMTI course and they hired me while I was taking it. I found the manual very helpful. Thank you very much and I’m now very interested in taking the CSPO course. I’ll send in my application form.
    • Roger Soley

      Roger Soley

      I took the RMTI course after I was laid off in the Forest Industry. I found the course interesting and easy to follow. My current employer only wanted an RMTI graduate and I was lucky to be first in line. I really enjoy the job, something different every day. We have a very nice apartment, good tenants, a good boss, and I don’t have to travel to work! I would recommend the course to everyone who enjoys flexibility and working with a variety of people.
  • Testimonials from Employers

    • Ron Harvie, Vancouver Management

      Ron Harvie, Vancouver Management

      Thank you for the opportunity to list on your Job Link Page, we actually did get a very good candidate from your link. Thank you again for your kind assistance.
    • Ryan Young

      Ryan Young

      My name is Ryan Young, Senior Property Manager at Whitetail Homes and I am in need of a new Building Manager. Last time I needed to hire a Building Manager I went through RMTI and it turned out amazingly. The students that come from your institution are quality and that is something I will always come back to when in need. So, Thank You!
    • Nina Nixon, President, LMDB Society

      Nina Nixon, President, LMDB Society

      Good morning, It has been a few years and we’ve had success with applicants on your site in the past. I would like to post my ad for a building manager at our seniors complex again. Thank you.
    • Alan K

      Alan K

      I appreciate your 40 + years in providing retraining and providing accessible jobs to 100’s of people.
    • Rosetta Toneguzzo, Apartment Building Owner

      Rosetta Toneguzzo, Apartment Building Owner

      Thank you again. I have hired Maya due to the Resident Manager’s course she has completed. Please remove the employment ad from your website. It was greatly appreciated.
    • Jenica Zanrosso, Strata Manager, Colyvan Pacific

      Jenica Zanrosso, Strata Manager, Colyvan Pacific

      The posting can come down as the position was filled (candidate through RMTI). Thanks,
    • Ana, Office Manager/Accounting, Rockwell Management Inc.

      Ana, Office Manager/Accounting, Rockwell Management Inc.

      Yes, we hire RMTI graduate for building manager positions.
    • Rod Fram, RI, CPM, CCIM, MRICS – President, Transpacific Realty Advisors

      Rod Fram, RI, CPM, CCIM, MRICS – President, Transpacific Realty Advisors

      Transpacific is a 3rd party property management company that manages several multi family apartment buildings. We have been using RMTI for over 30 years. It has become increasingly difficult to find dedicated and qualified staff who you can rely on to perform at the level our clients and tenants expect. We have found that RMTI provides the training for building managers to give them a head start in the industry and we have been successful in hiring graduates from their program. Even if you have qualified building managers on board, it would be well worthwhile considering enrolling them in RMTIs course as this will raise the bar in terms of professionalism and knowledge within your company.
    • Philly Hovs, Station Place

      Philly Hovs, Station Place

      We have filled the position for a Non-Resident Building Caretaker in False Creek Condo posted on the RMTI Job Link page. We can now take the posting down and thank you for posting it on your job boards as we found a great person through this avenue.
    • David Pitts, Property Manager, Gateway Property Management Corporation

      David Pitts, Property Manager, Gateway Property Management Corporation

      I recently hired a RMTI graduate for a resident manager position in Vancouver. This is his first entry into building management, yet he has easily adapted to his new career, and is working well with tenants, contractors and management. Good building staff are hard to find, but I believe my recent hire will be a valuable long-term employee.
    • Danny Hui, Council Member of Queen’s Gate Strata Community

      Danny Hui, Council Member of Queen’s Gate Strata Community

      I am a council member of a prestigious strata community in Richmond, BC. We placed an advertisement for a building manager position with RMTI, we received quite a number of qualified RMTI graduates applied for the job and we have awarded the position to one of the applicants. Thank you very much for RMTI’s assistance in helping us on searching for a successful candidate to fill our available position.
    • Mark Brewster, Canadian Mortgage Strategies & Investments (Pacific)

      Mark Brewster, Canadian Mortgage Strategies & Investments (Pacific)

      Thank you for the job link service. Last Friday we hired one of the RMTI grads that responded to the ad so it is now appropriate to remove it from your site.
    • Mauro Conzatti, President, Amethhyst Holdings Ltd.

      Mauro Conzatti, President, Amethhyst Holdings Ltd.

      Amethyst Holdings Ltd. is a small family held management and development company with operations in British Columbia and Manitoba. Along with managing our own rental residential buildings we develop small to medium properties. We have had several occasions where we hired RMTI graduates with great success. In one instance, after gaining experience with us for 2 and one half years, a new graduate from RMTI went on to manage a large housing project in Romania. A second employee went from managing 2 small apartments in Vancouver to managing 244 suites in Winnipeg. We are pleased with our experience with your graduates and look forward to working with more qualified graduates from RMTI.
    • Marini Projects Management

      Marini Projects Management

      Thank you for the follow up to our ad placement with you. The position has been filled and the successful candidate does hold your accreditation, it was one of our most important criteria. Thank you again for your service.
    • Scott Stroshin, Property Manager

      Scott Stroshin, Property Manager

      Position filled. We found someone who was qualified thru the advertisement on your website. Wow, we greatly appreciate your assistance.
    • Dave Brown, Property Manager

      Dave Brown, Property Manager

      I prefer to hire RMTI graduates without previous experience for our buildings as they come to the industry with a fresh outlook. The ones I have hired in the past have worked out well.
    • Scott Reid, Property Manager

      Scott Reid, Property Manager

      Our industry is inundated with people who think they can run buildings who only see the superficial duties and do not understand most of the underlying factors which make for a good, well-run building. The RMTI course brings these underlying factors to the surface so that new people in the field are aware of what is expected of them. When hiring new people the RMTI certificate is given a positive consideration in the final analysis.
    • Ron J. Harvie, Property Manager

      Ron J. Harvie, Property Manager

      We consider that any prospective managers who have taken this course have a greater asset to offer their employer. As a Property Manager for 20 years, I highly recommend this course.
    • Aldo Gazzola, Apartment Building Owner

      Aldo Gazzola, Apartment Building Owner

      This letter will serve to confirm that I have hired a number of managers from the RMTI course. All of them have worked out very well and have obviously been well trained by RMTI.
    • Kathy McLeod, Property Manager

      Kathy McLeod, Property Manager

      This acknowledges our awareness and the necessity of the RMTI course you offer. As the owner of residential apartments, we are continually in need of personnel. In fact, we have people working for us who, when hired, were without experience but had taken your course.
    • Laura Yates, Apartment Building Owner

      Laura Yates, Apartment Building Owner

      I have been an owner, property manager for 22 years. During this period of time, the most successful people I have employed have had your training. I recognize the RMTI course as a good tool for entering the industry and will definitely use RMTI to hire in the future.
    • S. Mohamedani, Apartment Building Owner

      S. Mohamedani, Apartment Building Owner

      I do recognize the RMTI course, and whenever I employ new managers, I do see that they have obtained their RMTI training. The course is a good tool for entering the industry.