Trained Onsite Personnel will Save you Thousand$ of Dollar$

Fully trained, skilled and motivated onsite personnel who are up to date with industry trends and new developments are essential to protecting your assets.

Staying competitive is the key to a good return on your investment. Knowledgeable Resident Managers/Superintendents bring direct benefits to your business and to your buildings. Skilled personnel will make the difference between a profit and a loss on your investment. No matter what type of industry you are in, properly trained personnel have a positive effect on performance and a measurable impact on your bottom line.

What would happen if a member of your onsite personnel served a notice of eviction to a troublesome tenant and the notice was incorrect? You might end up with that tenant for another couple of months which could cost you even more money. It could also cost you the lost opportunity to secure good tenants. Another good reason to hire qualified personnel.

As an apartment owner, property manager or strata council president of a multi-million-dollar investment, you need your Resident Managers/Superintendents to be fully trained in all aspects of the day-to-day operation of your building.

Thousands of buildings across Canada are in need of trained on site personnel. Combine the need in the existing buildings with the hundreds of new buildings going up and you will quickly discover it is getting harder and harder to find trained individuals qualified to operate your investments.

Don’t fall into the trap of hiring an unqualified/untrained individual just because the number of qualified applicants applying to you is limited. You could hire an unqualified/untrained person for less compensation but they might end up costing you in the long run and that is definitely no benefit to you!

We asked some industry professionals about the advantages of hiring individuals who have completed an industry recognized course.

David Pitts, Property Manager, Gateway Property Management Corporation said “I recently hired a RMTI graduate for a resident manager position in Vancouver. This is his first entry into building management, yet he has easily adapted to his new career, and is working well with tenants, contractors and management. Good building staff are hard to find, but I believe my recent hire will be a valuable long-term employee’.

According to property manager Scott Reid, “Our industry is inundated with people who think they can run buildings who only see the superficial duties and do not understand most of the underlying factors which make for a good, well-run building. The RMTI course brings these underlying factors to the surface so that new people in the field are aware of what is expected of them. When hiring new people the RMTI certificate is given a positive consideration in the final analysis’.

For more than 40 years, RMTI has assisted hundreds of building owners and property management companies hire trained onsite personnel for their many projects all across Canada. Testimonials available from both graduates and employers can be found at RMTI Testimonials – Graduates & Employers

The CRM – Certified Resident Manager and the CBS – Certified Building Superintendent certificate and designation are recognized coast to coast by thousands of employers. In fact, some employers will only hire RMTI certified personnel. Some online ads often stipulate “RMTI grad preferred” or “CRM/CBS certificate required”.

RMTI graduates come to you with the knowledge and training to do the job properly. They have all the skills necessary to fit into your way of running your project. They are conversant with advertising and marketing procedures, suite leasing, rent collections and are trained in verifying application form information, security deposit procedures, tenant relations, and the proper serving of legal notices.

They are trained in residential tenancy law and up to date on current legislation as well as knowing who is responsible for repairs and maintenance. They are familiar with all the different types of forms used in managing a project and will be able to adapt to your particular forms and procedures.

They are given the knowledge to perform minor repairs, general maintenance and perform janitorial functions. They are familiar with fire safety codes, regulations and equipment as well as being up to date on WHMIS and general complex care.

Some RMTI graduates have also completed the CSPO – Certified Swimming Pool Operator course that shows present and potential employers that they are qualified in the day-to-day operations of recreational equipment consisting of swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and jacuzzis. Further information can be found at CSPO – Certified Swimming Pool Operator course information

Many owners and property management companies have put their onsite personnel through the RMTI courses over the years and have been extremely happy with the improved job performance, skills and knowledge their personnel have achieved. In fact, some owners and property managers have enrolled in the courses themselves.

We also offer free job placement to employers who require onsite personnel. If you are looking for Resident Managers/Superintendents, RMTI offers you a free service that allows you to place your employment opportunities on its Job Link page for free.

Some of our graduates seeking employment have many years of experience in the industry and others are recent graduates looking for their first opportunity in the industry.

If you have a job opening for onsite personnel that you would like us to place on our Job Link page, just email the job details (MS Word file) to: and we will send you back a confirmation that your listing has been activated at no charge. Please include the Province and City the job is located in and include a contact email or fax number for the graduates to contact you directly.

For further information please visit our website at Home – RMTI

Steve Munday is the president of Munday Industries Ltd. dba RMTI – Resident Managers’ Training Institute, founded in 1980. RMTI is Certified Federally as an Educational Institute by the Ministry of Employment & Social Development Canada and is an A+ Accredited Member of the BBB.