Wage Benefit Survey 2022

Apartment & Condominium Building Managers/Caretakers

The following information was obtained through research, interviews and discussions with employees and employers in the Property Management industry in BC.

You will find below a list that shows the lowest, the average and the highest monthly wages paid for the number of suites listed. The amount represents the total gross wages paid regardless if it is a single or couple employed.

Rent payments are deducted from these amounts as is Income tax, CPP and EI deductions (where applicable).

Number of suites: 50+

  • Low $3,000
  • Average $3,500
  • High $5,000

Number of suites: 100+

  • Low $3,500
  • Average $4,600
  • High $9,500


  • Rent Reduction: Most employers offer a rent reduction.
  • The average rent reduction is 50% off market rent.
  • Many employers provide Health Benefits packages.
  • Some employers provide a mobile phone for office use.