What has changed for Resident Managers over the past 40 years?

A lot has changed over the past 40 plus years for Resident Managers

Increased Wages, Benefits, Reduced Rent, Employment Standards


It was more than 40 years ago that I founded Munday Personnel and soon after was asked to recruit a Resident Manager couple by a Building Owner who had a 50-suite residential apartment building in Terrace, BC. I recall the salary was about $800 a month and the rent was reduced by $100 a month. There were no benefits, no time off, no assistants or relief manager (I remember the owner saying the couple could alternate and relieve each other for their days off). Once I had a full job description, I placed an ad in the Vancouver Sun and Province (no internet or other options back then) and waited for the phone to ring.

Over the next few weeks, I had a lot of enquiries however, most of the callers had no experience and wondered how they could get into the business. The few that had limited experience did not want to move to Terrace. I forgot to mention, there were no relocation expenses being offered either.

After about a month or so I received a call from a retired couple – late 60’s – that lived in Kitimat and were bored with having very little to do as they had retired recently. They had both worked in motels therefore had related experience and were used to hard work and long hours.

I interviewed them, checked their references and referred them to the building owner who hired them the next day.

After a number of other building owners and property managers contacted Munday Personnel asking me to help them recruit Resident Managers for different projects I quickly realized there were very few qualified people available to manage these buildings and the number of buildings were growing at an unprecedented rate. That is when I co-founded a private trade school that offered training to individuals and couples who were looking for a career in Building Management.

RMTI – 40+ years Training Resident Managers

RMTI – Resident Managers’ Training Institute has now been operating for more than 40 years and has trained and assisted thousands of people to start a career in this industry as Apartment/Condominium Managers. The remuneration is now very lucrative and offers many benefits. RMTI has also consulted with hundreds of employers along the way to introduce competitive wages, benefits, time off, bonuses and in turn retain their manager’s long term.

Times have changed

The difference for Resident Managers today

Many of you that are looking for a new career do not realize that the old image of “ma and pa” running a building for free rent is in the past.

Today owners, investors, condominium/strata councils and property management companies realize that millions of dollars are invested in their buildings, and therefore should have professionally trained apartment and condominium managers running them. RMTI offers you this training no matter where you live in Canada through our online course that has been running for over 40 years!

Once you have completed the RMTI online course and have successfully obtained your CRM – Certified Resident Manager designation you will receive access to the RMTI job Link service through a confidential username and password. Here you will find hundreds of jobs listed across Canada. Over the past 40 plus years RMTI has assisted thousands of individuals and couples, just like you to become certified and obtain employment in this industry.

For those of you considering a career in the Building Management industry here is some further information that may assist you to make the right choice.

Good people skills are one of the main requirements. The rest we can teach you.

Increased Wages & Benefits

Remuneration is paid based on the number of suites in the building you are employed in and the scope of work required. A single person can earn up to $6,000+ per month and a couple up to $9,500+ per month. In addition to these wages, many RMTI graduates receive excellent rent reductions; most commonly 50% off market rent is provided often including hydro, cable and a free parking stall – in some cases free rent is offered. Often a mobile phone is provided for work purposes as well as a mileage/gas allowance. Extended health insurance including medical, dental and vision care and pension benefits are also offered by some employers.

You can often earn extra income by providing additional services such as suite turnover, painting, cleaning suites as well as landscaping/gardening and additional maintenance and repairs above and beyond your daily scope of work.

Employment Standards – Minimum Wage for Resident Caretakers

There is no more working 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with no time off. Employment Standards has regulations that dictate you are entitled to time off and vacation pay just like any other industry. In addition, 

Demand for Resident Managers

The demand for Resident Managers continues to grow with all the new rental and strata buildings being developed all around us and the position offers job security even during hard times as the role/duties of a Resident Manager is an essential service.

Laid off? Looking for a new career?

If you have been laid off recently and/or are looking for a new career, RMTI can assist you to get started right now. For further information visit us at rmti.ca and then call or email if you require any further details at all.

RMTI Testimonials

Still wondering if this is the right career for you. View our Testimonials and read some of the many reviews from both RMTI graduates and the employers that have hired them.

About the author – Steve Munday was the co-founder along with Margaret Munday of Munday Personnel, Canada’s first recruitment agency specializing in the recruitment of Property Management personnel, Steve & Margaret also co-founded RMTI – Resident Managers’ Training Institute, the first private trade school in Canada to offer training for those looking for a career in Building Management. Steve & Margaret were also the co-founders of Canada’s first property management magazine with a circulation of over 30,000 and Canada’s first Building Management trade show that was attended by more than 5,000 industry professionals.